DryFruit Oreo Modak | Modak using Oreo biscuit and Dry Fruits | Modak 2020 | Ganesh Modak

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DryFruit Oreo Modak | Modak using Oreo biscuit and Dry Fruits | Modak 2020 | Ganesh Modak

Recipe to prepare Modak using Oreo Biscuit and Dry fruits.
Information: we all know types of Modak and huge numbers of Fans who really like it. by considering the demand we have come up with Oreo and dry fruit combination and made a Sweet and tasty Modak. Follow us by subscribing to know more about the new recipes.
Dryfruit Oreo Biscuit Modak

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Ingredients :-

  1. Oreo biscuits 20 piece
  2. Milk 4 tablespoon
  3. Chopped Dryfruit (Cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio)
  4. Sugar ( if required)
  5. Ghee / oil
separate the biscuit and cream.

For make the covering :-
1)  Do small pieces of biscuits for grinding the biscuits in mixer jar. ( If u required more sweet then add sugar while grinding the mixture).
2) Make a fine powder of biscuits and spread into the bowl.
3) Add 4 tablespoon milk and knead the dough well.

For stuffing:-
1) Biscuits cream and all chopped DryFruits everything mix well.

To make the Modak :-
1) Take out lemon size balls off the dough. Apply oil or ghee to your palms and also Modak moulds.
2) Balls put into the Modak mould and shape it into a Modak and fill with the biscuits cream and DryFruits stuffing and cover completely.
3) Make all the Modak like so and keep them aside.

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